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VoIP call tracker now available through SolarWinds

Veronica C. Silva | Sept. 4, 2012
Free tool helps IT professionals track call recordings

IT software tools developer SolarWinds recently announced the availability of a call management software that helps track call recordings using VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol).

SolarWinds said the free tool, called SolarWinds VoIP Call Detail Record (CDR) Tracker, is the "only free tool of its kind in the VoIP management market that allows users to search and display CDRs."

The tracker tool can search, filter and sort Cisco CallManager call detail records so that IT pros can track the performance of VoIP calls. Information that can be derived with the help of the tool include originating and destination number of the call, originating and destination IP address, date, time, status, termination causes, and MOS or Mean Opinion Score, which measures the quality of a VoIP call through a scoring system.

The SolarWinds VoIP CDR Tracker is useful is assessing the root cause of dropped calls.

To help IT managers monitor the performance of individual VoIP calls and analyse the call quality metrics derived from the CDR, SolarWinds offers the SolarWinds VoIP and Network Quality Manager (formerly IP SLA Manager). SolarWinds said this IT management solution can also help solve VoIP QoS problems faster and more effectively.

SolarWinds said they developed the CDR tracker was because the IT professionals themselves asked for the software. The request was made through thwack, SolarWinds' online community where over 100,000 IT pros can share their insights, comments, and requests for new products and features. It is also through this online forum that IT pros discuss key IT management issues.

"With the increase in VoIP deployments over the last few years, IT pros have been clamouring for an easy-to-use tool that will aid them in the analysis and troubleshooting of VoIP call quality," said Sanjay Castelino, VP and market leader, SolarWinds. "With SolarWinds VoIP CDR Tracker, IT pros can quickly and easily track and monitor VoIP call performance from the convenience of their desktops."

The price of the SolarWinds VoIP & Network Quality Manager starts at U$1,495.


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