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Word 2013 cheat sheet

Preston Gralla | July 1, 2015
The buzz today may be all about Office 2016 for Windows, which is due to be released this fall, but many business users are still getting acquainted with Office 2013 and will continue to use it for some time. Use this Word 2013 cheat sheet to help take advantage of all it has to offer.

Online presentation

Word 2013 gets a sharing tool that was introduced in PowerPoint 2010 but wasn't available in Word 2010. You can now share a Word document online with anyone who has Internet access, even if they don't use Word. Send a link and start the presentation, and they'll be able to see your document in their browser as you scroll through it. It's just a presentation, though -- they can't edit or interact with the document. And once you stop the presentation, they'll no longer be able to see the document.

To use the feature, click the File tab and select Share --> Present Online. A screen appears with a URL that you send to others. Click Send in Email to launch your email client with the link already in it, or else click Copy Link and then paste it into whatever method you'll use to send the URL.

Once your recipients have gone to the URL, scroll through the document, and they'll see the document exactly as you're seeing it. When you want to stop the online presentation, click the "End Online Presentation" button. That ends the presentation and disconnects the viewers from it.

Handy keyboard shortcuts for Word 2013

As in previous versions of Word, you can press the Alt key to see keyboard shortcuts for navigating the Ribbon tabs. For instance, Alt-H takes you to the Home tab, and Alt-G takes you to the Design tab. (For help finding specific commands on the Ribbon, see our Ribbon quick reference.)

But there are many other keyboard shortcuts to help you accomplish a vast array of tasks in Word 2013. We've listed the ones we've found the most useful below. For even more shortcuts, see Microsoft's Office site.


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