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World Cup star Luminoso scores US$6.5M to fund expansion of text analytics business

Bob Brown | July 3, 2014
MIT Media Lab spinoff rolling amidst buzzy World Cup partnership with Sony.

A good example of the benefits of unsupervised learning is in Luminoso's analysis of World Cup social media discussions, says Grimes. "Whoever would have thought of biting as a topic in advance? [see Uruguay's Luis Suarez] Stuff emerges from data that you just can't anticipate," he says. (Disclosure: Luminoso is one sponsor of an upcoming annual market study Grimes is releasing.)

While cloud-based offerings such as those from companies like Luminoso often make their way into organizations through lines of business such as marketing, customer service and product design, the IT department frequently gets involved down the line once management seeks to stabilize a service, Grimes says. IT departments also gravitate toward API services from companies such as Luminoso that they can use to integrate with existing services within their organization or to build new systems specific to their business focus, he says. 

Havasi adds that "Luminoso's technology is particularly well-suited to triaging customer needs (vis a vis support tickets as received by an IT support organization). Properly deployed, an automated analysis of a support ticket can help identify the engineers or engineering team most likely to address the concern, monitoring metrics and associated logs that are likely to assist those engineers. Semantic analysis of run books, operating manuals, and knowledge bases can enable ready semantic search for engineers to find applicable guidance, either by query from an engineer or automatically from ticket text."

In addition, public cloud service providers or large enterprise IT organizations could also benefit from real-time analysis and clustering of all incoming support channels to identify emerging issues," Havasi says. "For example: Luminoso's technology can identify a sudden emergence of a common problem (say, a performance degradation in a particular service) that is expressed in a multitude of different ways by many users at once. This is particularly empowering for organizations that may see a flood of support tickets in response to a central failure, such that not every support ticket can be examined on an individual basis in a short amount of time."


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