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Asia to see increased uptake of edge computing in 3 to 5 years

Anuradha Shukla | Sept. 11, 2017
Benefits of putting computing at edge locations include continuous availability, real-time delivery of services, better storage, and faster data analytics, according to Vertiv.

Make sense of edge computing vs. cloud computing
Credit: geralt (CC0)

Asia is expected to see more implementations of edge computing initiatives within the next three to five years, according to Vertiv's recent study.

Findings of the survey indicate that companies in all industries in the Asian region are gearing up to adopt edge initiatives within the next three years.

Almost all (97 percent) of the 200 customers and partners Vertiv surveyed said that edge computing will be relevant in their business and IT strategy in the mid-to-long run (beyond three years).

Majority of the respondents said that the market is on the midpoint of adopting edge computing in their respective business operations.

"By enabling organisations to put their computing resources on the edge, we're keeping remote sites up and running regardless of core sites conditions," said managing director for Vertiv Australia and New Zealand Robert Linsdell.

Besides of continuous availability, benefits of putting computing at edge locations include real-time delivery of services, better storage, and faster data analytics.

Despite the benefits, 38 percent of the respondents have no plans yet to deploy edge initiatives in the next one to three years.

Factors that could prevent business in Asia from embracing edge computing include budget (55 percent), system compatibility (52 percent), and security issues (43 percent). 

In addition, only a third of the respondents who said they have micro data centres -- which are key components in deploying edge computing -- use them for edge initiatives.

"In Asia, edge computing may still be a vague concept to the market and we need to educate the market with its relevance in the next few years and how it can revolutionise business operations," said Daniel Sim, director, Vertiv channel business, Asia.


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