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5 tech trends that will impact data centres in the future

Bonnie Gardiner | May 26, 2015
These changes will impact IT departments with flow on effects for business units and the c-suite.

Cisco research shows that today's global data traffic per month is 24 times that in 2013; it will be 95 times that by 2018, reaching 15.9 exabytes per month by 2018.

"The amount of data is staggering, that's today's traffic projected forward. Add it onto the IoT, we're looking at almost 4000 to 5000 times the amount of traffic we have today on a month-by-month basis because of the IoT. And will that impact on IT and how we do things? Yes," says Cappuccio.

Every vendor on the planet seems to have an IoT initiative; however it's not just market hype. In fact the IoT has been a very real trend for 40 odd years, operating technologies in manufacturing companies.

"Most companies will use some level of operating technology outside the purview of IT. This is just bringing it more in-house," says Cappuccio.

IoT is not a single technology, but a concept, that's continually being driven by the proliferation of sensors being applied in the world. These sensors are getting smaller, cheaper, and in some cases won't even need batteries anymore.

The implementation of sensors is the first step, but what's most important is what you do with that data, how you analyse it, understand it and use it to grow a new business based on it.

"If I could have certain capabilities at the end, or certain type of applications or certain types of analytics capabilities on-premise, there's further uses for it," says Cappuccio.

"It's opening up a lot of incredible business opportunities, but our message is the same as earlier - IT isn't driving this trend, in fact you shouldn't even try to. You just need to understand it, start working with businesses units again, ask if there are things you can do with it to enable them to work better."

With businesses continuing to digitise over the next 3 to 5 years, the IoT is going to be necessary for many organisations to compete, but getting started isn't just driving all the initiatives, but sitting down with business units to first make a plan, figure out the opportunities to test, and any other techniques you can draw from it.

"If the pilot or beta test works then you can try something else, if you have some failures, that's fine - let it fail, learn from it, try something else.

"If you don't do that, your competition will, and already is, so this is where IT can enable digital business, at the edge, designed to engage with all the behaviour of your customers."

4. Software defined infrastructures

"Software-defined infrastructure, or software-defined everything (SDx) - one analyst just wanted to call it software-defined whatever," joked Cappuccio.


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