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Datacentres universally are under-utilised by a significant margin: Henry Hsu, Raritan

Yogesh Gupta | March 19, 2014
There are dos and don'ts for CIOs and IT managers to have a successful DCIM strategy, says Henry Hsu, VP, Global Power Architecture, Raritan.

Datacenters Universally are Under-utilised: Henry Hsu, Raritan

Three decade old Raritan — a provider of IT infrastructure management solutions, including KVM, power and serial monitoring and management solutions now offers data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions.

On an India Visit, Henry Hsu, VP, Global Power Architecture, Raritan underscores dos and don'ts for a successful DCIM strategy that forms the cornerstone of datacentre of an organisation.

What is a fat free datacenter and how can CIOs make their data center future ready?
Hsu: The fat free datacenter is a fully optimized DC wherein all the operational and capital expenditures are fully utilized. In the modern datacenter of all different sizes with different protocols that is rarely the case. Due to concerns of uptime and other issues, clients and datacenter infrastructure managers will not take any risk with regards to the capacity of the datacenter that is utilized to the maximum.

Datacenters are universally under-utilized by a significant margin. We at Raritan and our industry peers are investing time, effort and money to help clients optimize the capacity of their datacenter. The objective is to utilize every dollar capacity that it spent on the built out to optimal extent without taking business risks at the organization's end.

What is needed by organizations to update their datacenter infrastructure adaptations according to growing business demands?
Hsu: The lifecycle of datacenter is broadly categorized around process & change management and infrastructure. The latter is relatively matured particularly in past five years in terms of optimization of infrastructure in the datacenter. Many easy things to increase efficiency have occurred in modern datacenter like Hot air/cold air separation, updatation of assets, energy saving technologies like virtualization that increases utilization of given assets. Most of these are well understood or are implemented or are in the process in implementation.

We do not see that necessary pervasiveness with really instrumentation and monitoring around process and change management which is area of decent interest of DCIM. The organizations in a modern day datacenter truly expect from datacenter vendors like Raritan the six major offerings - asset management, Capacity management, change management, power management, Energy management and environment management.

The main force driving the growth of DCIM is companies' desire to cut their energy bills. Any other major concern areas for CIOs?
Hsu: Besides energy management as a major area, asset management is extremely vital - not only from CIO but more from CFO perspective. Over time, clients seldom no longer know what the different assets are doing what and where are they located in the datacentre. That's energy management for sure but it is asset management.


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