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Switch on to new power thinking

Mahesh Sharma (via SMH) | June 12, 2013
Data centre managers are putting their revenues at risk by persisting with old power management techniques.

"It's a question of facilities managers still being stuck in a repetitive mindset whilst there is available technology to resolve their problem."

Despite the simple solution facility managers are stuck in a decades old, risk averse, engineering mindset.

"It predisposes them to finessing existing standard electrical solutions, rather than challenging the status quo."

However, they're now an important part of the data centre operations, he said, and must be able to deliver more power, more efficiently, at little, or no, extra cost to the customer.

"It's all about incremental provisioning and user-driven increases."

"They have to wake up, step up and embrace the technology... If facilities managers don't get that, then they should retire and get someone who does."

If they don't adapt, they will lose their business to cloud providers and new data centre operators, such as Digital Realty.

"The new service providers get the new on-demand age, and will commoditise this market leaving 'standard' hosting providers back in their 1980s approach without a valid business model.

"Adopting a challenging mindset, and integrating with the new IT plan-build-run (on-demand) strategy will make their lives easier, and the customers businesses more efficient."


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