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Three critical considerations when optimizing infrastructure for application performance

John Gentry, vice president of marketing and alliances, Virtual Instruments | Aug. 14, 2015
Overprovisioning has been the go-to approach for ensuring infrastructure and application performance. But when performance degradations and unplanned outages occur, even the most experienced teams move into "react-and-guess" mode.

With the disparate systems working together in enterprise environments, an understanding of the way these solutions and systems collaborate is critical. Vendor-neutral IT monitoring and management technologies enable workers to measure the outputs and activities in cloud, virtual and on-premise applications from different vendors.

This integration of performance standards should also be reflected in a company's service-level agreements (SLAs); as each component in an IT infrastructure has come to overlap so heavily with the rest, isolating each element in siloed SLAs no longer makes sense. Rely on SLAs that look at your infrastructure as the holistic entity it is, and focus on performance, not just availability.

The pace of IT demands agility, accuracy and answers that drive optimal performance at all times, but guaranteeing performance isn't easy. It requires a vendorneutral, unbiased understanding of system-wide performance, and accurate analytics to support and inform immediate action. All of this starts with a better comprehension of IT infrastructure assets, which only becomes more crucial as additional investment of resources, both financial and personnel, becomes necessary.

Answers are the silver bullet in the modern IT landscape, and they're not only about the data stored in an application infrastructure, but how that data is correlated and analyzed to deliver value. All of the knowledge gained from an infrastructure's operation is significant to the ultimate success of the business, and the companies that take proactive steps toward gaining those insights will be the ones that find themselves ahead of the curve.


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