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Experts warn against judging Firefox on poor Pwn2Own performance

Antone Gonsalves | March 19, 2014
Researchers at annual hackfest discover four previously unknown vulnerabilities, but experts say that may not necessarily make it the least secure browser

Firefox has been slow to implementing a sandbox, because it represents a major architectural change, making backward compatibility with older PC operating systems difficult, Kandek said.

No matter which browser a company uses, encouraging employees to exercise good browsing habits is the best form of protection.

Educating workers about phishing sites and malware, disabling Java and Adobe Flash browser plugins, two of the favorite targets of hackers, and white-listing sites allowed to run JavaScript are some of the best ways to avoid having a PC compromised, Zak Dehlawi, senior security engineer for Security Innovation, said.

While Dehlawi believes Chrome is more secure and uses it himself, "the security benefits are not so superior that I would force corporate users not to use it (Firefox)."


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