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Facebook on a mobile roll

Sharon Gaudin | May 7, 2013
With strong earnings report and Facebook Home release, company makes big push into mobile services

Rob Enderle, an analyst with the Enderle Group, said Facebook is throwing a lot of money at mobile services, the company shouldn't appear to be in a "blind panic" over it.

"Facebook appears more focused on speed than in moving in the right direction," he added. "They need to fix Facebook Home and make it into a more compelling offering. It actually isn't a bad idea. They just haven't thought it through or executed well around it."

Hadley Reynolds, an analyst with NextEra Research, also said he foresees "limited" success for Facebook Home. However, he expects Facebook to continue to focus on mobile and push hard.

"In five years, there will be no discussion of mobile, because that is where most people will be interacting online, including with Facebook," he said.


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