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Facebook subscribe button makes my Facebook page obsolete

Tony Bradley | Sept. 18, 2011
Perhaps you've heard that Facebook has been tweaking the social network a bit? In the past few weeks Facebook has implemented a wide variety of changes--many of which mimic popular features from the rival Google+, and at least one of which leaves me with little reason to continue maintaining my Facebook Page.

There are two reasons that I am embracing Facebook Subscriptions, and eventually abandoning my Facebook Page. One is that it makes it simpler to manage Facebook, and two is that it creates the potential for more dynamic, engaging dialogue.

Relying on Subscriptions rather than maintaining a separate Facebook Page cuts my effort in half. Right now I basically manage two separate Facebook profiles--one personal and one public. I have to switch back and forth to check notifications and wall posts. I have to flip from one to the other to read and respond to comments.

Segregating the personal and public profiles also limits the discussion. Posting something to the general public opens the dialogue to different perspectives and concepts that bring life to the conversation and expand the horizons for all who participate.

There are times when I have posted the same topic to both my personal Facebook social network, and my Facebook Page. Each discussion is valuable on its own, but merging the voices into one conversation makes a whole that is more valuable than the sum of its parts.

Facebook Pages still have tremendous value for some. But, I think they serve a better purpose for representing things that aren't an individual to begin with--a company, a band, a product. The Facebook Page provides metrics and analytics that aren't available on personal profiles.

For me, the Facebook Page has served me well, but now that Subscriptions are here it has outlived its usefulness. If you "Like" my Facebook Page, please stop. Well, don't just stop. Please Subscribe to my personal profile instead, then feel free to "Unlike" the Facebook Page. I will be posting duplicate content to both for a while, but soon the Facebook Page will fade away.


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