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Forrester calls Google's Chromebook 'corporate idiocy'

Patrick Thibodeau | May 29, 2011
The world is moving away from the Web to mobile apps; Google could miss the boat, says George Colony.

An app-centric universe also means changing the architecture of information delivery.

Andrei Palskoi, a principal consultant and solutions architect for FICO, a provider of analytics and decision management technology, said that if the model Colony described comes to pass, it will mean a shift to a decentralized architecture.

Today, he said, there's a centralized server and architecture; you give something to a computer, and it returns recommendations and approvals. But in the app world, some of the logic will be on the devices, which will be more independent.

You "can kind of guide the policies that [the apps] need to follow," but the actual steps and actions that they will make will be "on their own, without asking some mainframe," Palskoi added.

Mark Philhower, a consultant at IT Planning Associates, which focuses on performance and productivity improvements for CIOs, said he believes Forrester's app-centric forecast is for a distant future.

"I think we're a long way from there -- it's more of an idealized future that he's talking about it," said Philhower.

But Steven Ranly, a networking manager at a logistics industry firm that he asked not be named, does see a shift toward apps, especially among younger people.

"Everything is going toward apps -- they go the Internet very little, and go mostly to the apps that do what they need to do," said Ranly.


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