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Hootsuite empowers Wiley’s workforce through social media

Zafar Anjum | March 6, 2015
Makes employees more strategic, collaborative, customer-centric, and results-oriented.

Wiley, a global publisher of knowledge and knowledge-enabled services, has empowered its workforce with Wiley Hootsuite Social Marketing Certificate.

The digital skills and toolsets have made its workforce more strategic, collaborative, customercentric, and results-oriented.

Prior to this strategic move, Wiley had a global organizational footprint on social media and ran about 700 social accounts. However, half of the accounts did not have the right strategy, and were not driving revenue.

Also, customers didn't know where to look online for customer service as Wiley is divided among their three core business sectors.  

Executives at Wiley recognized the importance of education across multiple teams and departments for empowering colleagues with the latest digital and social media skills.

Wiley joined hands with Hootsuite to develop and deploy a scalable, custom education programme: the Wiley Hootsuite Social Marketing Certificate.

Digital skills gap

Hootsuite created a blended-curriculum approach that identified three distinct curriculum levels. Level one addressed how businesses and consumers interact online through Hootsuite's existing training and education resources from Hootsuite University. ‹

The second level explored important concepts and tactics required for Wiley Marketers to succeed and level third included fully customized content based on Wiley's key business objectives.

This programme was rolled out in June 2014 to more than 250 marketing colleagues across Wiley and it expanded beyond marketing to many departments within months. Armed with the skill sets and toolsets, employees at Wiley are driving revenue and business for the organisation.

The number of official social accounts around which committees could collaborate was halved. These committees were given the tools and knowledge to engage strategically and were empowered to manage these channels themselves.

"Scaling social across the organization continues to evolve, but we can already see more internal collaboration," said Michelle Lockett, director of Social Marketing, Wiley. "Colleagues now work together to create strategic content calendars for more cohesive sharing and global response sheets for improved customer service. Education also empowered colleagues to engage with confidence on behalf of Wiley."



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