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How channel partners in India are adopting online tools to drive business

Aritra Sarkhel | March 25, 2013
Channel partners don’t effectively leverage the Web to raise their company’s profiles and drive business. Here’s how to do it right.

Folks like Nagarajan say they have already begun to see the value of using the Web to sell their brands more intelligently. Omnitech InfoSolutions, for instance, increased the response rate to its marketing activities when it moved to new-age online promotions. Where its earlier, non-Web-based marketing campaigns resulted in a 1 percent response rate, its online ones gets it 12 percent.

For those who havent got onboard with the idea of Web-based marketing, its not too late. Channel partners like Nagarajan and Mitra offer five ways to maximize your chances.

Go Video

Consider the facts: 70 percent of B2B marketing done in 2012 used videoup from 52 percent in 2011. And over the next five years, a third of all online advertising spend will go into online video production, says Borrell Associates, a research and consulting firm.

You get the picture: Video is big and its only going to get bigger.

Yet, there are many channel partners who dont see it that way and havent bought wholeheartedly into video. There is a lot of buzz around this, says Ravi Verdes, MD, Frontier Business Systems, and we might see such things happening in the next financial year. But we are still in a trial-and-error phase where we are trying to find out the best options for us.

Others have grabbed the opportunity with both hands. At Kaar Technologies, Nagarajan has plenty of video plans already lined up. We have already identified about 50 promotional activities we want to use videos for in 2014, he says.

Much of Nagarajans enthusiasm stems from the real benefits Kaar Technologies has seen from using the medium. The company has had great success using video, especially among its clients in the Middle East. We have done video promotions for SAP events directed at our customer base in the Middle East. And its helped create enormous visibility for our organization, says Nagarajan.

One of the most important benefits of using video is its ability to allow customers to grasp key messaging much faster than any presentation. You know that thing they say about a picture being equal to a thousand words? Video takes that idea to the next level.

Then partly because of its novelty value and partly because of the use of dynamic visuals, videos help create longer brand recall value in the mind of prospective customers, say channel partners. Video promotions help build a perception about us for a longer period in the customers mind, says Nagarajan.

Say what you might about branding, but over the long term it adds new accounts. Thats what Gaurav Mathur, MD and CEO at Filix Consulting believes video can do for channel partners. Having an online video presence is not just for customer interaction; it also builds an overall brand and Web presence. It also helps gain prospective customers, he says.


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