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How channel partners in India are adopting online tools to drive business

Aritra Sarkhel | March 25, 2013
Channel partners don’t effectively leverage the Web to raise their company’s profiles and drive business. Here’s how to do it right.

With that potential benefit, however, comes a real-world challenge. If your video is going to be the first point of reference for potential clients, then its important that it reflects the sophistication of your brand and your messaging. If your sales people make a pitch in a suit, then youre videos better be just as dressed up.

Thats where the challenge of production values comes in. The inability to create good video is one of the reasons channel partners say they stay away from it in the first place. Producing corporate videos requires developing a story board, having a script, adding animation, checking the quality of your sound, and having fairly slick post-production values.

If promotional content is not articulate, potential customer could give it a miss, says Kapoor.

You need expertise to create industry standard videos and while internal staff can take care of certain things, its difficult for them to churn our professional video services, says Nagarajan.

To get around that challenge, Nagarajans outfit outsources its video needs to a specialized agency. The primary reason is that they produce industry-standard video and bring a certain assurance of quality to the table, which our internal team cant be expected to furnish, says Nagarajan.

Mathur from Filix Consulting, too, has adopted a similar approach. The videos we promote require a professional agency because as a team we are not well-versed with the technicalities of these things and industry-standard camera work requires professionals, he says.

Others like Allied Digital, however, have found a way to spin out videos using internal staff. We have an in-house team that shoots and produces videos, which makes the cost relatively lower, says Dhara Shah, marketing manager, Allied Digital.

An added benefits of not outsourcing, says Shah, is speed of turnaround time. The pre- and post-production of professional video services requires a lot of time; we normally need videos much quicker, he says.

As tough as it may seem to create video, it certainly has its upsides. Take this one for example: Because videos are so much easier to digest than whitepapers, case studies or brochures, they increase the chances that a potential client checking up on a channel partners offerings and solutions portfolio before an actual physical meeting. That, in turn, ensure that channel partners are getting their hands on more serious leads. Having video, in effect, can sift out false sales leads.

Using video has worked well for Mumbai-based Allied Digital. When the company received complaints from its customers that they werent aware of the breadth of Allied Digitals portfolio of solutions, the SI decided to do something about itusing video.

We made our customers aware of our strengths through videos. So now, even before our sales people meet prospective clients in person, they are already aware of our offerings through video customer testimonials, says Shah.


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