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How to keep browsing history secret on Mac and iOS

Lucy Hattersley | April 6, 2016
Keep your online affairs private with this guide to private browsing on iOS and Mac OS X devices

How to turn on private browsing in Mac OS X

Turn on private browsing in OS X

Here is how to turn Private Browsing mode on using Mac OS X:

  1. Open the Safari web browser:
  2. Choose File > New Private Window (Command-Shift-N).

You will now be viewing a window in private browsing mode. OS X will not remember any website history from the websites you visit, or any of your search history. It's important to know that this only applies to this window that you have opened. You can tell it is a private window because the Smart Search Field will be a dark grey colour.

If you open another window, using the regular File > New Window  (Command-N), then it will not be a private browsing window. So be careful to use just the private window(s) for your browsing session.

Source: Macworld 


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