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Live streaming to take off at political conventions

Sharon Gaudin | July 15, 2016
Both the RNC and DNC plan to expand their reach by escalating live streaming

"Overall, I think what we are seeing is that live video is becoming increasingly more important to organizations that want to reach a broad array of consumers," said Brian Blau, an analyst with market research firm Gartner. "In addition, today's youth, as well as others, are starting to use and interact with live video on many different platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Over time, we will see engagement increase, too, as organizations, such as the DNC and RNC, want to make sure they have as many touch points with their constituents as possible."

Binns noted that what the DNC is doing in live streaming is so unprecedented that he has no idea how many users it will reach.

"Eight years ago -- only two conventions ago -- the App Store had just launched," Binns noted. "I told that to a group of interns here who were quite shocked that the world existed before the invention of apps and iPhones. Apps nowadays are ubiquitous to everyday life, from viral sensations, like Pokemon Go, to steadfast apps that people use every day."

The DNC app, which has not yet launched, is being designed for viewers who want to follow the convention remotely, as well as for people who will attend the convention and will need maps and schedules.

Jeff Kagan, an independent industry analyst, noted that technology – whether it's the internet, mobile apps or live streaming – is affecting the way the public is viewing major political conventions.

"Today, we don't watch regular networks like we used to," Kagan said. "Today, we use social sites and live streaming. Branching out to the platforms where users gather is key to reaching millions in new ways."


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