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Vizible shows images tweeted by people around you

Mark Sullivan | April 5, 2013
Vizible is a new app that shows you the photos being tweeted by people around you. The app uses the location information attached to tweets to discover the physical place where the photos are being shot and/or shared. You can adjust the range so that you see images tweeted by people in a small area around you, or from a wider area like a neighborhood or a whole metro area or county. The app is available only for iPhone and iPad right now.

The app then displays the images between tweeted within the range in a large grid on your phone or tablet. This looks especially nice on a tablet, where flipping through pages of sharp images is an enjoyable experience. Click on an image and the app displays the name of the tweeter, the full tweet, and a larger view of the image. Swipe downward on that image and you return to the grid view.

No plotting

My only problem with this presentation is that I could not see the location of the person tweeting. The "Tweeps Around" overlay in the Layar app, for example, also detects tweets around you, and superimposes the picture of the tweeter over their location in the physical environment around you, as seen through the phone camera. It also plots them on a little radar screen to show you where they relative to you. Vizible is not an augmented reality app, but it should plot the image tweets on a map around you. It would make the results more meaningful.

The developers of Vizible have another larger app called Twizgrid, which parses and curates Twitter images in many different ways, including by location. The developers thought the location-based view in Twizgrid was popular and useful, but that it might be  lost in all the other functionality, so they broke the location-based part out into a separate app. That's Vizible.

It's a fun, free app that does just one simple thing, and presents its content in a clean and understandable way. Those things might be qualities might make the Vizible app something more than the "disposable, single-use" variety, which already fill the app stores.


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