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Apple to patch Safari before Pwn2Own, say researchers

Gregg Keizer | March 3, 2011
Clues point to impending update that will beef up browser before next week's hacking contest

Google patched 19 bugs in Chrome on Monday, and Mozilla followed that on Tuesday with an 11-patch update to Firefox .

Last year, only Apple and Google updated their browsers just before Pwn2Own. Mozilla acknowledged a critical vulnerability in Firefox less than a week before 2010's contest, but said it wouldn't fix the flaw in time for the challenge. Pwn2Own organizers later ruled that Firefox vulnerability off limit.

Assuming Apple updates Safari, of the four Pwn2Own-targeted browsers, only Internet Explorer (IE) will remain unpatched in the days leading up to the contest. Microsoft last issued fixes for IE flaws on Feb. 8 as part of its monthly Patch Tuesday.


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