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Endpoint security trends for 2015: What can we expect?

Kim Crawley, Security Researcher for the InfoSec Institute. | Jan. 29, 2015
In my data center work experience, a very significant percentage of the major network vulnerabilites I've had to fix were caused by the introduction of poorly secured computers. It's a surprisingly common blunder.

Another excellent idea is if network security appliance vendors like Cisco and Juniper Networks make deals with antivirus vendors like Kaspersky and Symantec. They could cooperate to make packages for enterprise customers that include OS antivirus and firewalls in addition to IPS/IDS devices that contain antivirus software and hardware firewalls. It's such a great idea of mine, that it's possible they may be considering that already. I just hope, for the sake of the industry, that they don't buy each other's companies.

I watch information security trends very closely, and I write about a lot of my observations. So, by the time 2015 is over, we'll see how correct or incorrect I am. But I'm feeling pretty darn confident!


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