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It's a road show for the guys behind PAX East's big, big LAN party

Jon Gold | March 10, 2015
Running up to 700 seats at a LAN party isn’t a walk in the park.

Enough gamers in one place can cause other unique headaches, he added.

"Another issue we see all the time is we will start up Steam or League of Legends or Minecraft ... all 500 clients launch from one external IP address. So what happens? We immediately get blocked because they [the game servers] think it's some kind of DDoS attack," Kelly said.

The team has other workarounds for common problems -- one bandwidth headache in past years has been the heavy traffic caused by gamers trying to download new games, but a more recent system using a Steam cache server allows them to keep many titles stored locally, for much faster access.

"If we download it once, it gets cached -- so if anyone tries to download it again from within, they're downloading it locally," said Kelly.


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