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More Chinese download apps on mobile phones

Anuradha Shukla | Sept. 22, 2010
Findings from a survey conducted for the new Canalys Mobile Application Analysis services suite

SHENZHEN, CHINA, 22 SEPTEMBER 2010 Fifty one per cent of Chinese end-users downloaded applications or games on their mobile phones, according to findings from a survey conducted for the new Canalys Mobile Application Analysis services suite.

This is about 29 per cent more than their Western European counterparts. Another similar research conducted in France, Germany and the UK, showed that about 22 per cent of respondents downloaded applications or games on their mobile phones.

Social networking applications

People in both China and Western Europe are interested in downloading content related to weather, news, navigation and mapping applications. The Europeans show more interest in social networking applications as compared to their Chinese counterparts.

About two thirds of social networking users in China are ready to pay for access to their favourite social networking sites. When asked about their willingness to spend, more than half of these respondents said they were willing to pay US$1.47 each month to socialise virtually.

Facebook is hugely popular all across Europe and local social networking site Qzone rules the roost here in China. A whopping 80 per cent of respondents use the services of Qzone, followed by Kaixin001 and Renren. Twenty-three per cent of respondents have registered for MySpace.

Cultural preferences

Canalys senior analyst T. Y. Lau notes that those international vendors who want to gain a foothold in China must know these cultural preferences and try to work with local publishers.

This will help them to both expand and localise their content offerings. Lau said consumers in China have shown their keenness to download applications that go beyond smartphones. Each day, new devices such as e-books are brought to market, and the vendors must be ready to rejuvenate existing content and engage their developer communities to support the leap to larger screen sizes.

The high frequency and popularity of application downloading in China stems from wide availability,' said Lau. There is a broad selection of Java content on portals, such as Sina, Sohu and QQ (Tencent), as well as a good range of dedicated phone apps available from mobile operators and phone vendors, such as Apple, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Yulong, which already operate their own application stores in China.'


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