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Open Networking foundation (ONF) Executive Director on the group's achievements, goals

John Dix | Sept. 16, 2014
Dan Pitt explains where the standards stand.

And so VMware, like everybody else, has to figure out, "How do I want to participate? How many resources do I want to put in?  Is this a force that I can make money from, or is it something that is going to disrupt my ways of making money?"

On the other hand, OpenDaylight and VMware have some different views of the world. OpenDaylight has some different technologies, some different players, some of which are competitors with VMware, and therefore they have to be careful in determining how much to get involved, how much to contribute. And I think that's something that's going to evolve over time.

OK, the last question. Helium is up next. Is that more than a  developer release?
Hydrogen was all about getting something out, getting real code out people could leverage, showing that these technologies could work with each other, showing that these people could work with each other. The Helium release will continue to refine and evolve the existing components while adding a set of new functions and capabilities. Areas of focus for the community include stability and performance, North-Bound Policy interfaces, improved clustering and federation, further support for OpenFlow, application developer engagement, documentation, support and integration with OpenStack, and support for additional South Bound Protocols.  It is scheduled to come out this fall.


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