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PCCW and Huawei give Hong Kong its first Android-powered device

Anuradha Shukla | Jan. 25, 2010
Also introduce mobile data intelligent price-cap scheme

CHINA, 25 JANUARY 2010 PCCW mobile and Huawei have released a mobile data intelligent price-cap scheme and Hong Kong's first U smart phone, powered by Android.

Huawei is a global provider of next-generation telecommunications network solutions for operators and PCCW mobile is Hong Kong's major telecommunications provider and information and communications technologies specialist.

Smart phones have become very popular and both partners want to tap this current mobile market trend. The companies expect this launch will allow users in the city to have fun surfing the Internet with Huawei's Android-powered U handset.

First of its kind plan

Customers availing this scheme will get several benefits including a full rebate for a U handset that is currently the only full-featured starter version on the market. They can use the price-cap when they decide to subscribe for PCCW mobile's web & talk plan available at US$25 or above per month.

The customers will also be able to avail local 3G mobile data service charge capped at US $ 38 per month. If you are one of PCCW customers, you will get to enjoy unlimited broadband Internet access without paying any extra charges through PCCW wi-fi's 6,000 hotspots.  

Users will be able to access news 24 hours, enjoy high-definition TV entertainment programmes on mobile. They will also be able to synchronise contacts, e-mails and schedules on the handset with those on the PC anytime as well as listen to new songs and concerts at the press of a key without downloading anything.

Scheme for all 3G customers

In line with its goal to attract more customers in Hong Kong, the company has extended its local mobile data price-cap protection scheme to all its 3G customers. For selected models and operating systems, the company will charge from users no more than US $114 for their local mobile data usage.

This amount will not increase even if customers have not signed up for any web & talk plan or PCCW mobile's local mobile data tariff plan. This plan will ensure that customers don't have to over-spend for experiencing fast mobile data transmission service through PCCW's high-speed 3G network.

Last year, we launched mobile broadband terminal products with PCCW, such as the E5. We are thrilled to continue our long and successful partnership with PCCW to launch an Android-powered smart phone in Hong Kong, said Adam Sun, representative of

Huawei's Hong Kong office. The launch marks a significant step forward for Huawei products here in Hong Kong.


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