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Tech happenings abound after superstorm Sandy

Christina DesMarais | Nov. 5, 2012
Tech watchers have had plenty to buzz about following Sandy, the superstorm that walloped the East Coast.

The photo collection turned out to be one of the most popular the magazine has ever done.

Speaking of photos, there was a fantastic story in the news on how to spot a fake storm photo such as these here.

The Election

According to, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Saturday declared that registered voters displaced from their homes by Sandy can cast their general election votes by email or fax.

They can vote through 8 p.m. Tuesday and don't have to return home to do it. To address concerns that some ballots will get held up in shuttered post offices, county clerks have also been ordered to accept mail-in ballots postmarked on or before Monday through Nov. 19.

People who want to vote electronically have to apply to their county clerk who will send them a ballot via email or fax.


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