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To Xfinity WiFi we're all hotspots, but you don't have to be

Mark Hachman | July 3, 2014
Comcast reserves one band and antenna for your own use, and one to serve as a public Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot.

So far, Comcast hasn't given any indication that it will penalize users for not adopting its Xfinity WiFi router. In other words, you can opt out of supplying a public WiFi hotspot, and still take advantage of other Xfinity hotspots in airports and elsewhere. (Or Starbucks, for that matter.) And with 4G cellular plans becoming cheaper, there's always the option of tethering to your phone, too.

The bottom line, however, is that owning your own cable modem allows you to save money and control your own security. And if Comcasts new Xfinity WiFi hotspot network weirds you out, thats another reason to switch.


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