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12 Windows 10 install issues -- and what to do about them

Woody Leonhard | Oct. 9, 2015
Having trouble installing and setting up Win10? You aren’t alone. Here are a dozen-plus of the most common problems, along with a few solutions.

It’s another problem that doesn’t seem to have a single solution.

Windows 10 Mail won’t sync

This problem appears over and over again. The latest suggestion, on the Microsoft Answers forum, is to uninstall the Mail/Calendar app, then reinstall it from the Store.

Uninstalling Mail is easy: Right-click on the tile, on the right side of the Start menu, and choose uninstall. Then go to the Windows Store, search for Mail, click on it, and click Install.

Unfortunately, that fix doesn’t work in many cases. Fortunately, Microsoft’s been pummeled about problems with Mail, and the company seems to update it frequently.

The old problems continue

Microsoft still forces updates on all machines except those connected to a Windows Update server. You can use the Metered Connection trick to block updates, but there’s no guarantee that approach will continue to work.

Microsoft’s patch documentation has gone from bad to nonexistent. In some cases, patches get released long before any documentation appears, as was the case with the Surface Pro 3 firmware update last week.

On the positive side, Microsoft managed to install Windows 10 on an enormous number of computers. If you had no problems with the upgrade, you’re likely in the majority. But if you had problems, there’s a more than tiny chance that no solutions exist yet.


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