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How to fix those pesky Windows 10 OS update issues

Bill Snyder | Dec. 9, 2015
Microsoft pushes out frequent Windows 10 updates, and many of the fixes and enhancements are important. Unfortunately, some users have been unable to apply the latest software. Here's how to resolve the most common Windows 10 update issues.

A word about remote-control software. You should always be very sure you trust a person before you grant them access to your machine. Scammers sometimes pose as support techs, and if they get into your PC you could be in serious trouble.

I knew Microsoft support was legitimate, so I let the tech do his thing remotely. It took a while, but the fixes worked and it cost me nothing but some time.

Other support sites exist that will do the same thing, but they charge for the help and could be less trustworthy. If you're dealing with a Windows 10 update issue, why not let Microsoft clean up its own mess?


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