150KW DC charging station little knowledge do you know?

The charging speed of DC charging pile is fast, and the output voltage is high, up to 750V, and the output current is large, up to 480A, so more components are needed to ensure the safety of the whole charging process.…


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Characteristics of rosin soap foaming agent for cement foaming agent

The technical characteristics of rosin soap are simple production process, low cost, low price, general foaming ratio, and foam stability. Its outstanding advantages are good compatibility with cement. It can react with Ca in cement to generate insol...…


Researchers invent technology to remedy 3-D printing's 'weak spot'

Texas AM and Essentium researchers have developed the technology to weld adjacent 3D printed layers more effectively, increasing the reliability of the final product. Allowing users to create objects from simple toys to custom prosthetic pa…


Lawsuit Claims that Skittles are 'Unfit for Human Consumption' because of Titanium Dioxide

Us consumers have filed a lawsuit against Mars in a California court on last Thursday, claiming that Skittles contains too much titanium dioxide (E171). Is titanium dioxide harmful to the body?Titanium dioxide is an additive used in pigments, adhesiv…

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