The Properties of 18Ni300 Alloy | Mis-asia

The microstructures 18Ni300 of 18Ni300 make it a more powerful metal than any other type of alloy. It is the most durable and strong in tensile. The alloy's exceptional durability and strength in tensile make it an excellent choice for structural app...…


3D Printing Alloy Metal Materials Mold Steel Powder 18Ni300 Metal Powder

The spread of the novel coronavirus is taking a direct hit on the operations of airlines in Asia. About 500,000 flights taking off and landing in mainland China have been canceled since January, according to aviation information company Cerium. Touri…


China Supply Mold Steel Powder 18Ni300 Iron-based 3D Printing Metal Powder

Powder characteristics: high powder sphericity, low oxygen content, uniform particle size distribution, good fluidity, high bulk density and tap density, and wide application in powder metallurgy and 3D printing.…


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