2-Propyl-1-Heptano Ethoxylates

Non-ionic surfactant soluble in water. The 2-Propyl-1,Heptano-Ethoxylates Nonionic Surfactant. Soluble in water. It is a global trusted brand 2-Propyl-1 -Heptano Ethoxylates . Send an inquiry for the latest. Prices of 2-Propyl-1-Heptano Ethoxylates. Buy 2-Propyl-1Heptano Ethoxylates Bulk discounts are available. Product Performance of 2-Propyl-1 -Heptano Ethoxylates Nonionic Surfactant. Soluble in water. Hard to gel. It can be mixed with various cationic anionic and non-ion


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