New Leak Reveals 2022 iPhone Design

Major iPhone design changes dont happen very often, but with the first iPhone 14 leaks, new information suggests Apple fans are in for a surprise. A new exclusive and influential Chinese website, MyDrivers, has revealed that Apple will be gi…


Apple is reportedly preparing to release a new 27-inch iMac in early 2022

After Apple refreshed its MacBook Pro line earlier this week, the next Mac in need of a major update appears to be the 27-inch iMac, which could be released as early as early next year. The latest update on the upcoming iMac update came from…


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WhatsApp will hide your "last seen" status from strangers by default

WhatsApp has launched a new privacy measure that hides your last seen status with people you dont know or have never talked to in the app (via WABetaInfo). Previously, WhatsApp set the feature to everyone by default, allowing anyone on Whats…


Terrestrial mineral of silicon dioxide

Terrestrial minerals are clastic quartz particles. Some clastic quartz particles contain inclusions, which can be divided into gas-liquid and mineral inclusions. Based on their crystal form, mineral inclusions can also be divided into granular, needl...…


CuO NPs were generated continuously in situ

CuO NPs were generated continuously in situ before inhalation inside the ceramic reactor tube of a vertically oriented furnace (Carbolite, Hope Valley, UK) using thermal decomposition of metal-organic precursor copper(II) acetylacetonate (Aldrich, Mi...…

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