This article will continue to explore nano 3D printing technology, which is dedicated to printing individual nanoscale biomedical and electronic devices, which are usually used for research purposes.…


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What is zirconium nitride and its properties?

What's zirconium-nitride? Zirconium Nitride The inorganic compound (ZrN), has many crystal structures that change with its composition. Due to its properties, it can be used in many different ways. ZrN and its alloy compounds have been ident...…


Fine tuning the "twist" between 2-D materials in van der Waals heterostructures to help accelerate next gen electronics

This image shows cartoons and micrographics that highlight the new technique of in situ twistronics. Credit: Artem Mishchenko/The University of Manchester A group of international researchers at The University of Manchester have revealed a…


One Component Polyurethane of Fumed Silica

High-surface-area carbon blacks and fumed silica are more efficient on an equal-weight basis as reinforcing agent than other rheology-control additives. Carbon black is used to build viscosity, provide sag resistance, and increase the cohesive streng...…

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