3D printing technology that continues to create new miracles

3D printing (3DP) is a kind of rapid prototyping technology, also known as additive manufacturing. It is based on digital model files, using powdered metal or plastic and other bondable materials to construct by layer-by-layer printing. Obje…


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The application of Hollow Glass Microspheres

Application of Hollow Glass Microspheres in Reflective Thermal Insulation Coatings;Application of Hollow Glass Microspheres in Modified Plastics;Application of Hollow Glass Microspheres in Oil Field;Application of Hollow Glass Microspheres i…


The Mi 12 will be Xiaomi's first compact flagship in years, while the Mi 2 Pro will be its companion

Over the past three years, compact flagships have been largely ignored by businesses and consumers, especially in the Android camp. However, Apple is once again driving the trend of compact smartphones following the launch of the iPhone 12 M…


What are Nickel alloys?

What are Nickel alloys? Nickel alloys consist of nickel as a base with other elements added. The Monel alloy produced around 1905, which contains about 30% copper, is an earlier nickel alloy. Nickel has good mechanical, physical, and chemic…

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