3D Printing Alloy Spherical Nickel Powder Ni CAS 7440-02-0

The chemical formula of Spherical Nickel could contain nanopowders, powders, or submicrons. Both commercial and industrial use are possible with these substances. Spherical Nickelpulver looks grey-black. It is used often for 3D printing. Details ab...…


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Structure of Graphite

Graphite is a type of crystal carbon and a half-metal and one of the renowned carbon allotropes. Under ideal conditions, it would be one of the most stable forms of carbon available. To define the standard state of heat for making compounds of carbon...…


High conductivity ultrafine zirconium boride nanoparticles were prepared by solid phase synthesis at low temperature

What is Zirconium boride? Zirconium boride is a common material in borides, and there are three kinds of zirconium boride in the boron-zirconium system, respectively, zirconium boride, zirconium diboride (ZrB2), and zirconium twelve boride…


How is nickel boron applied

Nickel boride is an efficient catalyst and reducing agent. It is used as a heterogeneous hydrogenation catalyst. It can also be used to cleave thioacetals.…

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