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Overview of Aluminum Nitride AlN

Aluminum Nitride AlN is an atomic crystal, a diamond-like nitride, which can be stabilized up to 2200°C. The room temperature strength is high, and the strength decreases slowly with the increase of temperature. It has good thermal conducti…


How to use focus mode to make your iPhone status bar look prettier

Customization has always been an advantage of Android smartphones.iPhone users, on the other hand, have to deal with the restrictions Apple places on their operating system. In recent years, however, Apple has struggled to give users the pow…


The "Squid Game" app is reportedly infecting devices with a malware virus

The squid game is still going viral -- and not in a good way. As the squid game craze sweeps the world, cybercriminals are scrambling to cash in on unsuspecting fans of Netflixs ultra-violent hit Korean drama. In the latest scam, a cybersecu…

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