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Collaborative regulation of electrical transport properties of bismuth-based telluride nanostructured materials

Bismuth telluride hex hexagonal nanosheets were synthesized by gas induced reduction method. The growth process of the spell hexagonal nanosheets was studied by adjusting the synthesis parameters, and the growth mechanism was revealed. The effect of ...…


VR controller is supported in Microsoft flight simulators

A year after launching VR headset support, Microsofts Flight Simulator finally supports VR controllers. As promised, this feature was implemented in last weeks annual Game update and is free to existing game owners. The VR controller lets yo…


Flotation of Oxide Copper

What is Copper oxide?Copper oxide (CuO) is a semiconducting compound with a monoclinic structure. CuO has attracted particular attention because it is the simplest member of the family of copper compounds. It exhibits various potentially useful physi...…

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