Which positions can 60KW CCS GBT DC fast charger?

Intelligence, fast, reliable and universal. Provide a perfect EV charging solution in your location. Its modularization allows for an increase of up to 60 kW to charge, but also two electric vehicles.…


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Nano Fe3O4 Powder is an excellent additive for the production of cement and concrete. The nano-sized particle has a filling effect without actively participating in the hydration process.…


High Purity MAX Special Ceramics Material Niobium Aluminum Carbide Nb2AlC Powder,99%

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Eurol Molybdenum Disulphide MoS2 Grease

What is Molybdenum disulfide?Molybdenum disulfides are categorized among the newly emerging and promising two-dimensional materials as nanosheets and nanoparticles because of their specifically different biological, physical, chemical, electrical, an...…

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