APEC-Na Sodium alkylphenol ether carboxylate, 98%

The sodium alkylphenol-ether carboxylate, which is a nonionic anionic surfactant, has excellent detergency as well as emulsification and dispersibility.Solid Content 98% About Sodium Alkylphenol Ether Carboxylate Sodium alkylphenol carboxylate ex...…


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Amorphous silicon dioxide product Vapor phase silicon dioxide

What is fumed silica?Vapor phase silicon dioxide (commonly known as vapor phase white carbon black in China, from now on referred to as vapor phase SiO2) is a fine, particular amorphous silicon dioxide product produced by the high-temperature hydroly...…


Italy further strengthens prevention and control measures, Trunnano titanium silicon carbide exports blocked

·Italian Prime Minister Conte signed a decree on the 22nd, deciding to strengthen further the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control measures from the 23rd and to suspend all non-essential non-critical production activities and…


Antimony Doped Tin Oxide Synthesis

To develop reversible Li-O2 batteries, the need for novel carbon-free cathode materials is evident. In this study, we present the hydrothermal synthesis of highly conductive crystalline antimony doped tin oxide (ATO) nanoparticles, the fabrication of...…

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