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Cement foaming agent animal hoof horn foaming agent

This kind of foaming agent is based on keratin protein of the hoof horn of an animal (cow, sheep, horse, donkey, etc.) as the primary raw material, adopts a specific process to extract fatty acids, then add hydrochloric acid, magnesium chloride and o...…


Introduction to Zinc Sulfide

Zinc sulfide has a refractive index of 2.37, a density of 4.0g/cm3, and an oil absorption capacity of 13g/100g. Its coverage and acid resistance are worse than 319 titanium dioxide. But ZnS does not absorb in the wavelength range of 450-500nm (blue),...…


Strategies for boosting the performance of MoS2 photodetectors using hybrid heterostructures two

Diverse MoS2 hybrid heterostructures with other inorganic, organic, and 2D nanomaterials have been developed to extend the light absorption wavelengths and improve the charge transfer process. For example, Xiao et al.178 reported reduced graphene oxi...…

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