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Quartz crucibles used in Czochralski technology

For quartz crucibles used in Czochralski technology, a 3 nm thick inner layer of quartz crucible is fabricated by fusing and coating synthetic quartz powder instantaneously on the inner surface of a quartz crucible formed of natural quartz through th...…


The precautions for zinc nitrate

Provide ventilation for containers. Keep the container tightly sealed. Keep away from food and beverages. Appropriate Engineering controls: Emergency eye wash fountains and safety showers should be available near use/handling. Zinc nitrate is a color...…


3D Printing Alloy Spherical Cobalt Powder

Cobalt powder can be purchased as spheres. Two types of nanopowder are available: chemical, submicron and granular. Further information on 3D printing aluminumspheres with cobalt Powder Co. Product description Spherical Cobalt Powder Co Pro...…

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