High Purity AlN Ceramic Powder Injection Molding Components

The corrosive effects of molyten, also known as molten/molyten, are not permitted. Steel will not corrode when exposed to moly. About AlN Ceramic Powder Injection Molding Components : To make aluminum nitride, a formal chemical must be used. AIN. Aluminum Nitride Non-toxic dyes can be used to color it. AlN Aluminum nitride Temperatures can be adjusted to reach 2200 F. They can also become unstable by dropping temperatures. Thermally, it is also conductive. This material is


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Effect of reaction time on formation of Ti3AlC2

In order to obtain the optimal holding time at a relatively low temperature of 900 °C to synthesize Ti3AlC2 powder, the effect of holding time on the formation of Ti3AlC2 is investigated by changing the holding time from 1 to 10 h. XRD patterns of samples synthesized from 3Ti/Al/2C starting elemental powders in NaCl‒KCl molten salt at 900 °C for different times are shown in Fig. 4. The results show that when starting materials are heated at 900 °C holding for one h, the sample is mainly composed


High Purity Molybdenum Boride MoB2 Powder CAS 12006-99-4, 99%

Molybdenum boride powder is a compound of molybdenum and boron. The chemical formula of molybdenum boride is MoB2, molecular weight: 202.69. Purity: >99% Particle size: 5-10um About Molybdenum Boride MoB2 Powder: Molybdenum boride is a compound of molybdenum and boron.Their most notable feature is their high hardness. It has very high strength, very high hardness, good high-temperature resistance, good electrical conductivity and excellent oxidation resistance. Molybdenum boride has been used


Cement foaming agent is kind of substance that produces a lot of foam

What is cement foaming agent?A foaming agent is a substance whose aqueous solution can be introduced into the atmosphere under many foamy surfactants or surface-active substances. Because the importance is the surfactant and the surfactant are many of the means of foaming, the generalized foaming agent by the essence is the surfactant and the surfactant. Therefore, the broad field of foaming agents is vast, the variety of importance is, and their nature and function quality is very different, ac

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