Alkyl C16-18 hydroxypropyl sulfobetaine

This product is an amphoteric surfactant. The product has good interfacial activity and can reduce the oil-water interfacial tension to ultra-low in the range of 500-10000ppm About Alkyl C16-18 hydroxypropyl sulfobetaine : It has good resistance to calcium and magnesium ions, and can be used in blocks with formation water salinity of 50000mg/L; it has moderate oil-water emulsification ability; it has good wetting reversal ability. It can be applied to binary and ternary combination flooding


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LDEA Dodecyl Diethanol Amide can be described as a polymer chemical.Amide content (%): 96% Dodecyl Diethanol Amide Dodecyl Diethanol Amide has low residual ester content and no glycerol. The active substances are high, the foaming is better, it thickens, and there's less foaming. It is a global trusted brand Dodecyl Diethanol Amide . Send an inquiry for the latest. Prices of Dodecyl Diethanol Amide If you want to buy Dodecyl Diethanol Amide wholesale. Dodecyl Diethanol Amide -


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ZnS has a unique structure type compared to other molecules

ZnS has a unique structure type compared to other molecules, having different types of individual structures. ZnS can have a zinc blende struck, ais a "diamond-type net, "or rk", and at a different temperature, ZnS can become the wurtzite structure with a hexagonal type symmetry. The zinc blende structure is more thermodynamically favoured; however, because of the wurtzite structures' slow construction, both forms of ZnS can be found. Zinc blend is a compound in two forms: sphalerite and wurtzit

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