Classification of Alumina Polishing Powder

In the polishing process, it is indispensable to wear fine abrasive particles on the surface of the object being polished at high speed to make it smooth. They are generally called "polishing powder". Polishing powder usually includes alumi...…


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Vietnam's construction and building materials industry has enormous potential, and demand for superplasticizer in concrete has steadily increased

Although the global epidemic is now severely affected, Vietnam is also affected by the plague, and the construction industry has not grown much in the short term. Still, the overall growth potential of the construction industry in Vietnam is…


Risks and side effects of silica

Is silica safe to eat? The FDA considers silica in food generally safe for human consumption in small amounts. Is silica a carcinogen? There is no evidence that the type used in food causes cancer to form. The EPA says silicon dioxide in its non-crys...…


What does fumed silica do to epoxy

Hydrophobic fumed Silica hinders moisture integration into the epoxy binder system and, in so doing, eliminates one possible source of moisture that can have a negative effect during the curing process of an epoxy coating system—pigmented grout coat ...…

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