The Applications of Aluminum Niitride

In terms of international pricing benchmarks, according to the CP data released by Saudi Aramco, the propane contract price (CP) in March was $895 / ton, up $120 / ton from the previous month, up 15.48% from the previous month and up 43.20% from the…


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What is Bismuth?

The Incas had long included bismuth to a special sort of bronze alloy reducing tool, however, for long time bismuth was just vaguely comprehended and was usually puzzled with silver, lead and also tin.Bismuth'' s Latin name originates from the German...…


How to Dissolve Stearic Acid in Oil

If you want to dissolve stearic acid in oil, you can use lye. If you want to see a true trace, you need to keep the temperature of the oil above 150F.…


The Discovery of Carbon Nanotubes

Sumio Iijima, who missed the Nobel Prize, discovered carbon nanotubes at the age of 52…

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