High Purity Aluminum Silicide AlSi2 Powder, 99%

is a reliable supplier for high purity Aluminum Silicide AlSi2 Powder.…


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What is Magnesium Nitride

What is Magnesium Nitride? Magnesium Nitride, is an inorganic chemical compound with the chemical formula Mg3N2. It is part of the quantum system of cubic crystals. At temperatures of room temperature, the pure magnesium nutride is a color of yellow...…


APS Sodium Alcohol Polyoxypropylene Sulphate, 72%

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Spherical aluminum oxide is essentially "formed" into a sphere through a high-temperature fusion process

Hence, the advanced material has the same inherent qualities as other alumina. Al2O3 is its chemical composition. In Sibelco, advanced material is produced using high-grade alumina. The global spherical aluminum oxide market size was US$ 102.5 millio...…

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