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Oura Ring 3 brings better sleep tracking, women's health features, and more

With the launch of Oura Ring Gen 3, the team behind Oura Ring continues to focus on actionable health data. The latest fitness wearable includes more memory, LEDs, and health sensors, but the biggest news is its brand new cost structure. For…


Shell Suspends Construction of the Large Chemical Plant in Pennsylvania, Global Sales of Lubricant Additives Nano Copper Powder Will Drop

uring the process of friction, the surface of the friction pair is formed into a self-lubricating and self-repairing film, which significantly improves the anti-friction performance of the friction pair. Nano copper powder is a potential hig…


What is GH3536 Superalloy (Hastelloy X alloy)

GH3536 (Hastelloy X alloy) is a nickel-based superalloy with high iron content mainly solid solution strengthened by chromium and molybdenum.…

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