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C8 Alkyl glucoside; Isooctyl glucoside CAS 125590-73-0

It is a liquid that is 60 percent aqueous and neutral or weakly acidic. About C8 Alkylglucoside It is a liquid that is 60 percent aqueous and neutral or slightly alkaline. It has excellent permeability. The wettability is good, especially in an alkali-rich system. The higher the concentration of alkali, the greater the wettability. The HLB of 13 to 15 It is a global trusted brand C8 Alkylglucoside . Send an inquiry for the latest. Prices of C8 Alkyl Glycoside C8 Alkylglucoside is av


Is silica fume biodegradable

The non-biodegradable nature of industrial wastes like silica fume, glass, bottom ash, and rubber tires increases the severity of the problem. Past studies suggest that using waste materials in the cement and construction industry could be a viable solution to prevent natural resources from extinction. Silica Fume is replaced with Rice husk ash up to 50%. Kloepfer's fumed silica was registered under the trade name AEROSILĀ®. Since then, the product has been continuously developed, and many new va


New Molecular Material Made from Oligomers for Water-Splitting Devices

Researchers from the Llobet group have developed a new molecular material made out of oligomers and used it as a catalyst in water oxidation, achieving unprecedented current densities for molecular catalysts.

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