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Experimental procedure of TiB2

Lists the powders used and their properties. Particle size was determined by using the laser diffraction method (Microtrac S3500), and the oxygen content was determined by using an oxygen/nitrogen analyzer (LECO TC600). TiB2 or TiB2 and SiC powder mixtures were balls milled in isopropyl alcohol with either cemented carbide (6% Co) or SiAlON (Kennametal KY2000 grade) milling media for eighth and 24 h. The powder slurry was dried in a vacuum and screened, and the screened powders (50 mesh) were ho


What is Nano Silica Used For?

Roche and its subsidiary TIB Molbiol have developed a series of tests for the detection of the monkeypox virus, the Switzerland-based pharmaceutical company announced. The monkeypox virus is a close relative of the smallpox virus, belonging to orthp


Introduction and types of cement foaming agent

There are many substances that can produce foam, but not all substances can produce foam can be used as the cement foaming agent. The foaming agent shall have sufficient stability to ensure that the foam will not break during mixing with the mortar and will not adversely affect the setting and hardening process of the cementitious material. At present, cement foaming agents mainly include resin soap foaming agent, aluminum powder foaming agent, vegetable protein foaming agent, petroleum aluminum

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