Application of graphene in lithium-ion batteries

The unique physical and chemical characteristics of graphene make graphene a great candidate for research in electrode materials. With different applications, graphene can be classified into three types: application of graphene to lithium-ion cells, ...…


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Regional Overview of Calcium Hexaboride

The worldwide Calcium Hexaboride market has been categorized based on geography, with North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa being the key regions. These regions have been further segmented into significant countr...…


polymer with oxirane

A non-ionic polymer with oxirane provides dynamic surface tension and has defoaming and hard surface degreasing characteristics. Polymer with Oxirane: The polymer with oxirane has excellent wettability. It is a global trusted brand Polymer with...…


Spherical aluminum oxide nanoparticle synthesis and monolayer film assembly

What is Spherical aluminum oxide?Spherical aluminum oxide powder refers to the aluminum oxide powder material made of specific irregular corner particles by the process of the flame method. A small surface area and good liquidity feature it. Alpha A...…

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